Dingles & Doodles: A Children’s Music CD by Diane Payette

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Released in 2011, Dingles & Doodles is Diane Payette and Grama Tippy Toes' first CD. Dingles & Doodles is a collection of children's songs that Diane loves to sing with children and their families.

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Listen to samples of two of my favorite songs on Dingles & Doodles:
Oh, What A Miracle

Old MacDonald (and Friends)


  1. Happy Train
  2. Walk and Stop
  3. ABC Song
  4. Mother Goony Bird
  5. Five Green and Speckled Frogs
  6. Raggs
  7. Hokey Pokey
  8. The Windmill Song
  9. Five Little Monkeys
  10. Old MacDonald (and Friends)
  11. Tooty-Ta
  12. Rainbow ‘Round Me
  13. Miss Lucy
  14. Twinkle – Baa Baa Medley
  15. Wake Up You Sleepyheads
  16. Oh, What A Miracle
  17. Silly Song